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Linux wins PC World Denmark award for "Innovation of the Year - Software"

Henrik Størner & Peter Toft
Henrik Størner and Peter Toft accept the award

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998-11-12

On behalf of the entire Linux community, the Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG) today received the PC World Denmark 'Product of the Year' award in the category "Innovation of the Year - Software". The award was accepted by Peter Toft and Henrik Størner from SSLUG.

The "Innovation of the Year" award is given to products or technologies which have shown significant innovativeness and impact through out the year. PC World editors motivated their choice thus:

"Linux. The 'Ugly Duckling' that turned into a beautiful swan and became - to put it briefly - the most widely used operating system for Internet servers world wide, despite the marketing muscle of the larger companies. NT has a tremendous hold on the market, but Linux is gaining new followers every day, and continues to find new uses wherever a stable, economical and versatile operating system is needed."

At the ceremony today, chief editor Martin Jørgensen added "Linux has been around for many years, but 1998 was the year where Linux really caught the attention of the general public. Therefore our choice was Linux".

Hans Schou, Peter Toft, Finn Dorph-Petersen & Henrik Størner
Hans Schou, Peter Toft, Finn Dorph-Petersen &
Henrik Størner proudly present the award

The other two nominees in the "Innovation of the Year - Software" category were

Peter Toft, CPO of SSLUG: "The award signifies the popularity of Linux in Denmark and Sweden. Over the past six months we have seen a groundswell of interest in Linux, with the SSLUG membership being quintupled in just a few months. The recent support for Linux by companies such as IBM and Corel, as well as the PC World award today, show that Linux has moved into center stage and we look forward to the new challenges that this will bring."

Alle prismodtagere samlet
All the award winners together. Next year we must get at least 4-5 awards!

About SSLUG: Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG) is one of the worlds largest Linux User groups with well over 1100 members. SSLUG is one of the many local Linux user groups, who all help newcomers and experienced Linux uses install, configure and make use of the Linux operating system.

SSLUG can be found on the Internet at

Peter Toft is CPO of SSLUG.

Henrik Størner is one of the thousands of programmers world wide, who have actively contributed to the development of the Linux operating system.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds


Photos by Hans Schou,
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