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(Information in English about SSLUG)

Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group is a Linux User Group in Southeastern region of Scandinavia - We cover the isle of Sjælland (Eastern part of Denmark) and Skåne (Southern part of Sweden). We meet four times a year in Skåne and on Sjælland for big meetings including install fests and several technical lectures, and our strategy is discussed. We also have several minor meetings - on the second Tuesday in each month and often also the last Tuesday in the month we go to hear invited speakers. The meetings are always in the Øresundsregion.

In the past SSLUG was the only major Linux User Group in Denmark, but now, thankfully, there are several new User Groups forming across Denmark - actually five. In Sweden there are 16 different User Groups!

Today SSLUG has 3703 members. All discussions on the mailing-lists are in Danish and Swedish: the language is a very important part of SSLUG because we want to help people get to use Linux and support them with information in their native language(s).

Other activities are public seminars, press contact, book writing and translation of major Linux distributions.

We cooperate with several of the new LUGs and also with the Danish Unix-systems User Group and the Swedish EurOpen Unix User Group (affiliated with USENIX).

The membership has always been free (gratis).

The board of SSLUG can be contacted at <>

For further information about the web information, please contact (<>)

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