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Using DNS/bind for a simple home-network using a dial-up connection to the internet

There might be errors, so please report them and any comments to frank.

Danish version of this document / Dansk

This english version of dnsbind.html is under construction

This is for Bind version 8.2.2, and will not work with older versions as bind 4.9x. In these examples the main difference is the file named.conf. These data were in older bind versions often placed in several files. The syntax has changed in named.conf . The other files in /var/named are still the same.

I have used the domain name ".home", since it still is unused/non-existing. Any non-existing top-level domain may be used. If you have a registered domain name, substitute .home with your own domain.

In this example the IP addresses from the class C network is used. These addresses can be used for a local network.
More on this topic can be found in rfc1597.

Network ClassNetmaskNetwork Addresses

This setup assumes a local network with two PC's, one is called tux, and the other win95. It is of course tux ( that will be the nameserver. I will also add an name/alias ns.home. ns.home is not really needed, but is added if some day the nameserver is moved to another PC . On your local network you have to use the IP address of the nameserver not the name.

Diald needs a "dummy" IP address, and because diald uses/used "slip" I have named thes two addresses. This is acutuallt not nescesary, but the name will be shown when using programs like route.



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