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Toward Greater Portability: A Quixotic View

by Graydon L. Ekdahl, Ph. D.

This article was a part of the Linux Journal in May 1998



Sancho sometimes transmogrifies vocables when he speaks. It is not clear exactly what he means by "embarcaderos". The meaning probably lies somewhere within the semantic turf demarcated by the concepts "entrepreneurs", "big guys in business", "movers and shakers", or the concept of your choice that denotes mercantile power, grandeur, and a touch of Narcissism.


"Canis culum in tuo naso" is a Latin curse which first occurs in writing in the Old High German period (ca. 850-1050) in a phrase book for travelers which gives Latin phrases and their German equivalents. The Old High German equivalent is: "hundes ars in dine nas".

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